My online course featured in the Chicago Reader

The Chicago Reader profiled my new online class Intro to Gender and Media which is available for download immediately.

Although the contents of the course are introductory, Swiz says it is generally aimed at people who are already asking questions and engaging in discussions about gender and media. "I tried to cover a brief, focused history of the way our media is constructed in terms of power dynamics because I think that's a big piece of the puzzle that people really aren't consciously aware of when they're watching or interacting with media," she says.

The course is intended to provide insight into theories of media, notably the cultivation theory, an idea developed by professor George Gerbner. "Cultivation theory argues that the media has become our primary storyteller," Swiz explains. "We've moved away from stories that come from church, or school or our families that have been passed down in our lineage. We now turn to television and the stories that are created by the news media to help construct our view of the world. I use cultivation theory to talk about how the media cultivates gender roles specifically, but I also look at the intersections of race and class."

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